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Community Programs

We help individuals understand and select health insurance and medicare options. In addition to our health insurance solutions, we established partnerships that provide access to discounted products and services.

Individual and Families Under 65

Our experts are ready to assist you in securing individual health insurance for you and your family. We will make sure you understand your options and select a local carrier that meets your needs as well as guide you through securing the best coverage at the appropriate cost.


 The experts at My Benefit Advisor can help you find the Medicare plans and coverage that best fit your individual needs. Many people are overwhelmed by the confusing array of choices they face after becoming eligible for Medicare.


Click to view affordable dental plan options, the provider network and hassle-free enrollment.

Discounted Programs with NBBI

Affordable, comprehensive and essential benefits including dental and vision; health, wellness and senior services; drug and pet prescriptions; and pet services.


Receive 50% off retail price on all cellhelmet products by simply entering your local Chamber name (including the word Chamber) in the discount field at checkout.


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